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  • 8:04 Henry Egg Artiste by Marcus Pfister

    Henry, a bunny who decorates Easter Eggs, is tired of the traditional coloring of the annual Easter Eggs. He decides to paint each egg as a masterpiece and have an artist's exhibition for all to see.

    Uploaded Apr 08, 2020by Theresa Stover
  • 36:15 Rage of Fire, finish novel

    The Landon family complete their trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, discover the truth about Danny and reveal the

    Uploaded Apr 08, 2020by Theresa Stover
  • 23:60 Rage of Fire Chapters 7 & 8

    Continuing on with the novel, Rage of Fire. Ashley, Danny and Jack make their way through a Lava Tube, experience an earthquake and an aftershock and continue to be chased by a legend of the volcanoes, Pele.

    Uploaded Apr 07, 2020by Theresa Stover
  • 8:28 The Plot Chickens

    Henrietta the chicken, loves to read and decide she wants to write her own story.
    Written by Mary Auch

    Uploaded Apr 06, 2020by Theresa Stover
  • 33:51 Rage of Fire Chapters 5 & 6

    Continuing on with Rage of Fire. Danny, Ashley and Jack are running through the trails of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, being chased by a "legend", Pele, who is the goddess of the volcano. They come across a lava field, are stopped by a small earthquake and are trusting Danny to get them back to the parking lot where there father is waiting for them.

    Uploaded Apr 06, 2020by Theresa Stover
  • 25:22 Rage of Fire Chapters 3-4

    Continuing Rage of Fire by Gloria Skurzynski, Chapters 3 and 4. The Landon family continues their vacation and work on Hawaii's National Park-Hawaii Volcanoies National Park. Olivia Landon is called away and Steven , Jack and Ashley Landon and Danny embark on a hike on a trail. Legend has it that a spirit is in control of the volcanoes and Jack and Ashley find themselves in a difficult sitation.

    Uploaded Apr 03, 2020by Theresa Stover

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